'Civil War II' Preview: Marvel Delays The Finale Of The Series


"Civil War II" was supposedly a 'Summer Event' and a Marvel NOW! Books lead-in. However, it seems like the already-delayed series is going to be delayed even more, being able to make a cut on December, that will surely cause the consequence of altering its title even before we would have a clue on what the end would be.

"Civil War II" #6 was supposed to be premiered this month, however, it has now been delayed until 26th of October, which possibly affects the entirety of the series. Moreover, the new Issue #8 that was told to be the final one for the series has been given the release date of 28th December, contrary to the original November 2. The same scenario happened with "Secret Wars" by Michael Bendis last year as well as the Marvel's All New, News-A-Rama reported.

Apparently, things aren't the same from what it is in the past. One of the most fundamental reasons behind the delay is that the wife of artist David Marquez had a baby just in time when he was drawing Issue #5, buying his time instead to become a new parent. Amazing! The further delay only proves the argument that "Summer Event" might actually need a lay-off. The readers don't need these kinds of scenarios annually, certainly not if they continue this whole new trend of cumbersome things that they know will only be fixed during the Summer Event, according to The Mary Sue.

Readers aren't surprised anymore with "Everything changes because of this!" storyline every single year. Eventually, these readers will stop being surprised and begin to see and feel nuisances. Everybody loves Marvel. Marvel offers some amazing and unforgettable characters as well as intriguing storylines. But not the exact same ones each year.  Thus, Marvel should understand that they need to have a break from the Summer Event!


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