Should Comic Book Movies And TV Shows Stick To The Canon Or Change Its Course?


Movies and TV series that are based on comic books is one of the most trending areas in the entertainment world as of the moment, with any of which released by the "big two" in the superhero franchise (DC and Marvel). 

One of the most asked question that wraps this facet of the enterntainment industry is on to what extent does these movie adaptations closely resemble (or otherwise) the original comic series from where these are inspired?

A lot of individuals strongly believe that comic book-based films should always stick to the canon, and that the sole way to introduce the values these characters or the story itself delivers is to provide fans with the same familiar cinematic experience where they are familiar to. Others are also open for interpretations and alterations of the original story- regardless if these changes necessarily change as well the values of characters, according to Cinema Blend.

However, by trying to have a clearer look and place oneself on an unbiased standpoint, it can be seen that really, movies and even comic books are changing through time and it's pretty normal. Here's why:

Comics Revolves Around Change:

Comic books are unique. However, in a literary sense, comic books are literary works that are made to evolve through time by altering creative inputs. Each comic book fan has their way of portraying and understanding the characters they love to talk and read about. For instance, Chris Claremont's X-men or Frank Miller's Batman each has a well known character or character pairings that are marked with important new direction inherent in the lives of these characters wherein they are being pushed into fresh eras and storytelling paradigms as well as how they are characterized, reported.

Then, when comic books are also about change, how can fans not alter the course of comic book-based films?

It's all a matter of perception and how the viewers digest the story and the character. Thus, whatever experience they may be in, the best part is the enjoyment and the fulfillment one gets by watching or reading these stories. 


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