John Krasinski’s Movies Mentioned He Was A Brown Degree Holder

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About 15 years ago, John Krasinski graduated on stage. The actor at first never had plans to be an actor. Which is why many consider him lucky to have starred in big-hit movies and married Emily Blunt.

Born in 1979, this American actor, producer and director is known for his role in NBC's "The Office." But before that happened, KR CR Tv has it that Jake Krasinski would never probably have entered the industry if he didn't get his degree - if you really think about it. Fate led him to become an actor.

The Massachusetts local made his "acting debut" when he went on stage as "Daddy Warbucks." He starred in his sixth grade school play rendition of "Annie." During senior high school, he starred in a satirical play. But those were his only acting gigs as a small child. Krasinski graduated from Newton South High School in 1997. But that did not stop him from enrolling in Brown University.

But before going to college, he taught English in Costa Rica first. Then afterwards, he enrolled in Brown and studied theater arts. He expanded his acting chops at Brown. He even joined a sketch comedy group called "Out of Bounds." He made sure to attend the National Theater Institute in Connecticut, too.

After he graduated, he went to New York City to pursue his acting career. In NYC, he starred in commercials and TV shows. He also joined in off-Broadway plays. To make sure he pays the bills, he worked as a waiter. What is notable is that he "script interned" for Conan O'Brien. And that was the beginning. He directed episodes of "The Office," starred in movies that also stars Mandy Moore, Robin Williams, George Clooney, Renee Zellweger and Meryl Streep.

Want to know more about John Krasinski? Check out this video below:

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