Rachel McAdams 2016: She Never Wanted To Be An Actress But A Cultural Studies Major Instead


While some celebrities always wanted to reach the stars at an early age, it seems some don't. Some little girls start participating in school plays and audition for shows. With the support of their families, they hone their acting skills and sometimes enroll in theatre and acting classes.

But that is not what actress Rachel McAdams wanted for herself. Although she showed a flair for theatre when she was growing up, she never pursued it. For her it was a past time.

Born in 1978, this Canadian actress grew up loving a particular sport. At four years old, she began figure skating. Later on, she turned down an opportunity that would have helped her hone her skills in pair skating training. She only saw figure skating as a hobby but went on to win awards until she was 18 years old.

One time, she called figure skating as a preparation for physical acting because it taught her to be "in tune" with her own body, Glamour cites.

At an early age, she attended Myrtle Street Public School. During her younger years, she showed an interest in performing. As a kid, she enrolled in Disney and Shakespeare summer camps. She also participated in the Original Kids Theatre Company. In high school, she involved herself with stage productions and various performances. She then enrolled in the Central Elgin Collegiate Institute. Rachel McAdams expresses that she does not enjoy academic work. Oftentimes, she pretended to be sick so she would not go to school. Be that as it may, she was an active student. She dabbled into sports and also served on the student council. On the side, she worked at a McDonald's restaurant for three years during the summer.

But in her heart, she intended to take Cultural Studies at the University of Western Ontario. Until her drama teacher persuaded her that a professional acting career is possible. She took on a four year course at York University's theatre program and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001.

Her hobbies and education finally paid of for Rachel McAdams as she is famous for various roles. But many remember her in "The Notebook."

Watch Rachel McAdams in this video below as she talks about her role in "Spotlight":

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