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Sep 16, 2016 10:26 AM EDT

'Pokemon Go' Rare Nest: Niantic Slated To Make Another Rotation By End Of The Month [RUMORS]; Still No Dratini Nest?


While avid "Pokemon Go" players continue to do their best to ferret out as many rare nest locations as possible by creating several forums, groups and alliances to collect information about the exact locations of these rare nests, it looks like Niantic has yet again reassigned the locations of these coveted nests.

For those unaware, rare nest locations are definite locations that enable trainers to get most advantageous evolution for their monsters.

Several nests identify specific Pokemon species for evolution. Alternatively, player can capture regular to rare Pokemon in these places. These nests are reportedly spread across various places and different countries.

Amid rumors hinting that Niantic's hit augmented-reality mobile game is losing most of its paying players, the developer seem to be doing its best to keep the game updated to retain its them, but things may not quite be going as planned for the developer.

It looks like the mobile sensation is on the verge of coming under fire from the game's huge fanbase as trainers are debating whether the studio has actually altered Pokemon spawn rates and "Pokemon Go" rare nests.

Some players reportedly bumped into Pokemon in certain locations where they have never found them before. This stirred conversations among avid gamers that Niantic has indeed made a few radical changes to the game.

A few veteran gamers are speculating that the developer might have moved the "Pokemon Go" rare nests. One such gamer even claimed that an Electabuzz nest has begun spawning Scyther rather than Elactabuzz.

Niantic has not yet confirmed if the rare nest has been brought back to its previous spawn before the August migration took place. With the migration happening yet again, players can access these rare nests; however, a different Pokemon will spawn.

Besides the rare nests, rare Pokemon are also spawning more often than before.

Quite a few players claimed that a few rare Pokemon including Dratini have been spawning in their homes although it is not near a body of water where Dratini is ideally spawns.

Several players have posted mixed reports in a Silph Road subreddit thread. While some are still coming across the same Pokemon in the "Pokemon Go" rare nests, a few others are still encountering previous Pokemon from the August migration, while others are encountering a totally different Pokemon, TechPlz reported.

The team behind the fan favorite mobile game does not usually announce such changes on its official website or on social media, which means they want players to discover it while trying to catch Pokemon.

No Dratini Nest?

After the August Pokemon migration, player reports have indicated that there are still no Dratini nests found within "Pokemon Go." As a result, obtaining Dragonite, which is considered as one of the strongest Pokemon in the game has become quite laborious, according to reports on Citizen Oracle.

While Niantic has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors centering on the lack of Dratini nests, there is a possibility that the developer have assigned the Dratini nest in remote locations in bid to make the Pokemon even harder to catch.

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