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'Pokemon Go' Nearby Tracking Feature Slated To Receive A Radical Overhaul In Gen 2 [RUMORS]; When Is It Coming?


Niantic Labs seems to be leaving no stone unturned in order to retain avid gamers of "Pokemon Go" amid new reports hinting that the hit augmented-reality mobile game is losing its luster.

A few aspects of the game do require revamping, especially the Nearby Tracker. The inefficiency of the said feature even led some gamers to use unethical method such as GPS spoofing to level up in the game. Moreover, the Nearby Tracker has been unpredictable since day one despite Niantic's constant efforts to improve on this feature.

That being said, the whole Pokemon fanbase is now looking forward to the arrival of "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 which is slated to roll out in near future. The Nearby Tracker is one aspect of the game that fans would be hoping receives an update. The current version of the said feature has already been tweaked a couple of times, and much to gamers' relief, the latest one is a whole lot better, according to reports on GameNGuide.

Though not immediately mentioned, the fact that the Nearby feature remained plagued with problems, was considered as one of the causes for the collapse in "Pokemon Go's" popularity. Quite a few gamers are still unaware of the updated Nearby Tracker with most preferring to hold off, TheBitBag reported.

It remains to be seen if that will change with "Pokemon Go" Gen 2.

Why Is The Nearby Tracker So Important?

"Pokemon Go" requires gamers to delve into the real world in bid to find their favorite Pokemon; and no prizes for guessing that gamers cannot do this alone. Apparently, they need a guide to track down nearby Pokemon and to figure out if it would be advantageous to hunt them down. Ideally, Caterpies, Pidgeys, and Rattatas would show up initially but so would the rare ones.

When "Pokemon Go" was launched earlier this year; that was one of the reasons why some gamers started using third party apps for help. These apps helped players a great deal by saving them the effort of exploring locations with no assurance of catches.

To curb cheating in the game, Niantic patched that up and started banning gamers found using any sort of "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats or hacks.

That move alone was enough to drive away players from "Pokemon Go," even though using these hacks was illegal, to begin with. The imminent update is expected to address this concern.

Arrays Of New Features

The added features include the "Appraisal" which come in handy before squaring off against an opponent in battles and also help in deciding which Pokemon to evolve. Coupled with the Buddy and Trading System for Gen 2, the Nearby Tracker is likely to get more alterations to reel back in the lost gamers.

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