Cavill’s Agent Ratifies 'Man of Steel' Prequel Is In Progress


The role of the very famous Superman on the DC Extended Universe is very essential. Man of Steel have launched the franchise, however both "Batman v. Superman" as well as "Suicide Squad" both answered the fundamental question: "What happens next with Superman?" The former transpired details about Superman levelling a city and the latter exposed how he died (Spoiler alert!)

As of the moment, there are currently three films that have been released by the DC Extended Universe and unfortunately, none of which ended up having critically acclaimed nor financially successful that Warner Bros. and DC were vying for. However, Warner Bros. still have 10 movies on the line and the plans release of these movies are continuously moving forward, according to Fansided.

A lot of these titles are films of origins that are going to be surfaced out from next year's movie installment of the "Justice League". Moreover, there are two empty spaces being currently unnamed, one in 2018 and the other in 2019. Fans assume that one of those unnamed films is a Batman film, according to Today's News, we might be able to decipher what the second unnamed film will be.

In the past months, it has been reported that the sequel of the "Man of Steel" was the utmost Priority for Warner Bros. As Danny Garcia, agent of Cavill, have said in an interview on Newsweek, they have been working for five months now to re-strategize. Currently, they are filming Justice League and also on the developing of Superman.

Nonetheless, whatever happens to the character of Superman, Henry Cavill will still play the role of the popular character and will hold it for a long time. He will appear next on the "Justice League" film which will hit the screens on the 17th of November, next year. 


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