'Supernatural' Images And Footages Revealed: Season 12 Spoilers Are Here


September 13th is considered the "Supernatural Day" specially celebrated by the hit series' fans. This is the anniverary of the famous series, "Supernatural."

Some footages together with some newly released photos straight from the premiere of Season 12 was revealed by IGN. It shows Dean and Sam's mother, Mary (Samantha Smith) work together with her kids. The 12th season of the famous series is going to hit the TV screens on 13th of October this year.

After the 11 seasons have transpired, the fans of the popular series have always bore in mind that Sam and Dean Winchester had one of the world's most complex relationships inside their family circle. After all, these siblings have been to hell. Ha! And in the very same season, it was revealed that God actually gad a sister, and she made Sam and Dean's relationship seem to be like a walk in the park, Entertainment Weekly reported.

However, God and Amara concluded the 11th season through reconciliation (as well as giving Dean the gift of his mom). So what does season 12 have for us? Will we be able to witness these characters in heaven? Or are they really in heaven?

The worse thing is, fans won't have the chance to find this thing out soon. However, the world is in good hands.

Supernatural star Andrew Dabb talks about God and Amara: "We're not going to play it heavily in the 12th Season." He aslo shared that the story of God and Amara might not be showcased o the screens. God, in so many ways, puts his trust on Sam and Dean more than he trusts himself. God committed mistakes. God has made destructions more together with the Amara thing, and the acopalypse as well, with thye angels left in charge more than Sam and Dean have. They have saved more people than he ever has primarily. God has put all his trust in them. 


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