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'Pokemon Go' Cheats & Hacks: Update Google Maps To Catch Pokemon; Here's How [VIDEO]


Despite Niantic laying down a strong ban hammer on gamers who cheat in the game, a lot of people have recently jumped on the "Pokemon Go" bandwagon amid a slew of new tips, tricks, cheats and hacks for the hit mobile game surfacing online.

"Pokemon Go" players were never really keen on updating the timeline in their Google Maps, but things seems to have changed recently when the "Catching Pokemon" feature was integrated in the Google Maps, according to a thread in Reddit.

The recently updated feature works as an important tracker for every "Pokemon Go" player.

Although, the "Catching Pokemon" feature does not track down monsters, it enables players to inform each other about the Pokemon they have been able to capture. The new feature also update gamers about how long or how far it will take to reach a specific Pokemon spawn location.

Quite a few players dumped the game following Niantic's decision to ban third-party apps and bots. Although, some hacks are still all over the internet, reports claim that the spirit to play among gamers have hit the skids. In fact, according to Survey Monkey, the game had a whopping 25 million daily active users on July 14, but the numbers dropped to about 22 million by July 20.

Gamers who were banned for using "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hacks in bid to level up in the game are now been urged to submit an appeal to get their accounts back.

Meanwhile, catching Pokemon has become more interesting with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2.

Avid gamers will be able to download the "Pokemon Go" app in their Apple Watch series 2. In other words, they do not have to constantly check their iPhones for any Pokemon or even track their miles of walk for that matter since every detail will be available on the gear's screen.

The Apple Watch Series 2 may not have anything to do with "Pokemon Go" hacks and cheats; however, the integration could be a step forward to bringing back the popularity of Niantic's mobile sensation.

A slew of cheats and hacks for both Android as well as iOS are still doing rounds online. The hacks usually allude to either a website or an app that acts like a radar or scanner to capture the Pokemon. Here are some cheats that still work: Poke Radar, PokeFinder, FastPokeMap, and FlyGPS.

Watch the video below for top 5 "Pokemon Go" cheats and flaws and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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