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'Pokemon Go' Update: Here's How To Get The Most Candy And Experience; Will Evolving A Buddy Reset Its Distance Progress?


"Pokemon Go" gamers, rejoice! The much anticipated Buddy Pokemon feature is in the works and is slated to be rolled out on both Android and iOS soon, Niantic has confirmed.

With the arrival of the said update, "Pokemon Go" players will be able to select a Buddy Pokemon from any of the Pokemon in their collection. According to the "Pokemon Go" development team's recent post on the game's official website, the buddy will offer exclusive in-game rewards and experiences; for instance, the awarding of candies - that can be used to evolve or to make trainers' existing Pokemon stronger - simply for walking a specified distance with the buddy.

This is a great way for gamers with rare Pokemon in their collection or those they only found in eggs to either evolve or strengthen their priced Pokemon.

Here's How To Select A Buddy Pokemon

You can make a Pokemon your buddy by simply clicking on your trainer icon and then on the bar in the bottom/left where you will see a "buddy" option. From there, click on your favorite Pokemon you want to be your buddy. You can switch to another Pokemon by going to the same menu.

Upon selecting a buddy, it will stand next to you, fly behind you or just sit on your shoulder; their action is based on the type of Pokemon you select.

Each Pokemon requires specific amount of kilometers to get one or sometimes two candies, this is purely based on your luck.

Gamers should bear in mind that every Pokemon is different; for instance, with just one kilometer walk, Pidgey spawns a candy, while Dratinis, on the other hand, take five kilometer for a candy spawn. There's no detailed list as of now, for what Pokemon requires which distance, iDigitalTimes reported. But, a few avid "Pokemon Go" gamers on Reddit have heaped up a list that looks quite legit.

Will Evolving A Pokemon Reset Its Distance Progress?

With the imminent debut of Buddy Pokemon, a lot of trainers have been trying to figure out if evolving a Pokemon reset its distance progress or can you continue working towards that kilometer goal even after performing an evolution?

Apparently, the game itself keeps a track of the distance, and if you go to your buddy Pokemon screen, you'll see a progress bar that will either be measured out of 1km, 3km or 5km, Heavy reported. This means, evolving a Pokemon will reset its distance progress.

In other words, if you had walked 2.5 kilometer out of 3 with a Pokemon, but you evolve it, this will return back to zero all of a sudden, which also mean those 2.5 km that you traveled will be futile.

That's exactly why gamers should finish off a buddy Pokemon's progress if they're pretty close to the end goal, even if they have candy to evolve it.

Stay tuned for more "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hack that works.

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