College Debt: 6 Unusual Ways To Repay It


The U.S. has reportedly accumulated an alarming $1 trillion worth of college debt. Students, most especially, are the ones greatly affected by loans.

There are a lot of ways that students can minimize college debt. This includes looking for other funding sources, being frugal whenever possible and asking for financial advice from their parents as well as other experts.

U.S. News shared six unusual, yet perfectly legal and practical, ways to get out of debt. Students or recent graduates can also check and see which of these tips can help them repay their student loan debt.

1. Buy and sell.

With websites like eBay and Etsy, students can sell the things that they're no longer using in order to earn extra cash. The publication also suggested buying clearance items or pieces from garage sales and then selling them online. Be careful, though, since there is a risk that the items will not sell. Just invest in things that you know will click with a lot of people.

2. Credit card rewards.

There are rewards credit card programs that earn consumers points for charges on necessities such as food and gas. Depending on the program, these points may actually be redeemed as statement credit that can be deducted from an existing balance.

3. The sharing economy.

It was previously reported that the sharing economy, also known as the gig economy, has been helping college students pay for their education. This is because these part-time jobs are flexible, giving students enough time to do their schoolwork while earning extra cash in between classes.

4. Ask from the family.

While it has the possibility to make get-togethers and reunions awkward, asking financial help from your family is one way to be able to repay your student loan debt. Some, according to Joseph Heider, founder of Cirrus Wealth Management, even ask for their inheritances in advance to pay off debts.

5. Renegotiate the balance.

There is a chance that your debt would be reduced once you have established a good credit record. Students should also learn about forgiveness plans.

6. Borrow from a 401(k).

Through this, the interest of the debt will end up being paid into the retirement account rather than to a credit card company. This is advised to be used as a last resort only.

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