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England Universities And Schools Partner In New Arrangement


In an effort to address multiple education system issues, Britain's Prime Minister, Theresa May proposes an arrangement that will require England universities to create a new primary or secondary school. Or sponsor an existing school that is under performing. This is the condition she sets for schools that are charging higher fees.

This seems to be a good idea. However, Inside Higher Education has it that the Prime Minister's proposal only applies to universities that charge above a certain level. For example, the basic tuition threshold is set currently at $7,960.

A press release clarifies this proposal. This new arrangement expects universities to use their educational expertise to be put to use. Especially, in schools that need to raise their standards. Higher education should work with primary and secondary education to create a better path for students.

"This will create a talent pipeline, through which pupils from all backgrounds will have a greater opportunity to get the grades and skills they need to go on to university, and help universities in their efforts to widen participation of lower-income students," states the press release.

Prior to the official press release, Julia Goodfellow states that universities are already working with schools and colleges towards raising their attainment and performance. Goodfellow is the president of Universities UK and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Kent. She states that programs being discussed and implemented range from outreach activities, summer schools up to curriculum improvement. They work closely with teachers and at the same time guide them on how to progress to higher education.

However, not everyone will have the same format. Goodfellow states that each will vary depending on the university and school's current circumstances. What is important is that they are all flexible in order to reach the goal. To " consider the evidence and target funding in a way that works best for the school and students to help raise attainment."

Unfamiliar with the new British PM Theresa May? Watch this video below:

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