IWU Offers ITT Tech Assistance To Complete Their Degrees

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Recently, University Herald reported on the shut down of ITT Technical Institute. This was headed by the Department of Education. The move prompts ITT to halt operations and stop enrolling freshmen for the year. In addition, the current enrolled students would need to withdraw their current ITT education or continue it elsewhere.

IWU saw this article and commented that they are here to help. Indiana Wesleyan Institute is the largest private university in Indiana. The university offers many liberal arts majors. It also includes 87 undergraduate majors. It offers professional educational programs as well towards the path to Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor Arts and Bachelor of Science. It also helps professionals achieve a masteral degree (Master of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Education, Master of Divinity and Master of Business Administration.

According to Indiana Wesley University, the school accepts up to 62 ITT Tech credits. And the school has been supporting this initiative for decades. They currently offer more than 80 online programs - which means anyone in the world can access it.

The comment reads, "No student should feel as though any education he/she has received is a waste or for nothing. We can help ITT Tech students complete their degrees, and have been helping them since the '80s."

Looking into this further, the credits are not only transferable to their online education programs. It is also transferable to their adult education (centers in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky) and undergraduate programs. If you're wondering, why choose IWU? Their website offers full and part time options. For those who are in need of financial help, financial aid is available as well.

Looking at their profile, IWU was named as one of the top universities in the Midwest in 2007 in 62nd place. In 2013, the school ranked 17th.

ITT Tech undergraduates and students can visit their website for more information.

Thank you IWU for posting your valuable comment.

Want to know more about Indiana Wesleyen University? Check out this video below:

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