Mom Commits Suicide Due To Postpartum Depression; Men Can Also Suffer From Depression.


Unbenownst to anyone, Allison Goldstein was in pain. Even her loving husband was unaware of her plight. Allison's sister, Mallory Hudson in an interview with Us Weekly states that Allison wanted all of them to believe that she is stable, and that she was always on point and dressed perfectly. She also added that Allison always smile when photographed.

These are the reasons why Mallory was caught off guard on June 28, when Alison who was an elementary school teacher from California, dropped-off Ainslee, her 4-month-old daughter at daycare, then afterwards drove to a private area and ended her own life.

Goldstein however did not end herself without any final words. In an email that Allison wrote to his family, she said that she is so sorry that she did not know how to describe her feelings of pain and was not able to ask for help.

Allison who was 32 years of age was at odds with postpartum depression, which is a perinatal mood condition or disorder. According to the Naional Coalition for Maternal Mental health, each year, among the approximately 4 million American women who have just given birth, affect 15 to 20 percent of them are affect by post partum depression. The NCMMH also stated that only 15 percent of those women will seek the treatment they need and ask for help from loved ones.

As disturbing as these statistics are, in a report by FitPregnancy, depression is not only restricted to women. Dad may also be stressed-out due to paternal postnatal depression. The author of "Dying to Be Men," Will Courtenay, PhD, LCSW who is also known best as "The Men's Doc" says that depression is not uncommon among men, and that one in four dads in the US experience depression, which in turn amounts to 3,000 depressed fathers each day. It is very normal for a men to seek help when they enter fatherhood.

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