Johnny Manziel Attends Texas A&M Amidst Suspension


NFL Free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel is now enrolled as a freshman in Texas A&M. The former Aggies player's name is found on the student's directory. This can be searched on the school's own website.

An Aggie and a Heisman Trophy recipient, Manziel's promise to be back comes true. According to USA Today, At one point, the quarterback went to Instagram to announce that he is going to come back. Amdist a troubled year, he goes back as a freshman at Texas A&M. When searching for his name in the school's website, his name appears alongside information regarding major. He is taking recreation, parks and tourism sciences major. To note, he has completed more than 90 hours.

During his younger years, he did not only receive an offer from Texas A&M but also from Iowa State, Louisiana Tech, Oregon, Rice, Stanford, Baylor, Colorado State, Tulsa and Wyoming. Now, Manziel is getting no offers.

Earlier this year, Manziel's agency and agent has announced that they are no longer representing him. Back in February, the Dallas Police Department announced that they are opening an investigation on Manziel for domestic violence claims. On April, the grand jury indicted Manziel on misdemeanor and assault charges.

Just this year, Nike ended its relationship with Manziel. All professional and brand connections that used to link with Manziel claim that they are concerned with his current behavior and ability to "stay clean."

On June 30, 2016, Manziel was suspended for the first four games because of substance abuse. Regardless of his enrollment, it does not indicate that he will return in the NFL this season. The substance abuse policy was highlighted by the NFL. It has no connection with his unresolved domestic violence case.

At the moment, there is no indication that he is returning.

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