Will Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Lead to Smartphone being Banned from Flights?

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Galaxy Note 7 recall issue seems to be an unfortunate event for Samsung as it happened just within weeks after its launch. Plus, the iPhone 7 which will be unveiled soon by Apple, might be a considered as a 'good replacement'. What's worse is that the FAA could ban the Samsung's device from being taken into flights.

Looking back at the previous week, Samsung voluntarily recalled 2.5 million of Galaxy Note 7 devices after finding out that some of the units exploded. 35 devices were reported to have battery faulty, CNET reported. And consumers who purchased the smartphones can swap them with the new ones.

This may be a small number compared to the overall units sold worldwide, however, they could potentially be disastrous. Gizmodo spoke to FAA and a few of US airlines to learn more about the Galaxy Note 7 recall issue. According to the FAA, they are still discussing the problem but so far, there is no regulation has been made regarding Galaxy Note 7 banned from being taken into flights.

In a statement, FAA spokesperson said that if a device is being recalled voluntarily by the phonemaker, the passengers will not be able to carry the recalled batteries or electronics in the aircraft's cabin or baggage.

Many airlines have banned hoverboards from being taken into the cabin or baggage but a smartphone could be hard to spot. And it would be difficult to tell a passenger not to bring a certain device inside the aircraft.

It is reported that Galaxy Note 7 can use USB C adaptor to charge the device. However, when users using a non-standard adaptor, there would be too much voltage that could 'burn' the device. This is one of the common problems of smartphone explosion.

Galaxy Note 7 recall is just one out of many other brands of electronic devices being recalled

Battery problems can occur on any device, not just Galaxy Note 7. Mashable said that HP and Lenovo computers were once recalling their devices due to the fault in battery. Apple also made a replacement program for iPhone 5 batteries which did not meet the claimed standard.

Here's a CNN report of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall

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