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‘T-Mobile One Plus’: NO Data Bucket; Users Can Enjoy Unlimited HD Video Streaming in an Affordable Price? Here’s How!


T-Mobile was the first network service provider in the world to introduce the no-contract plan called Un-carrier. Now the company wants to provide real unlimited data plans for all its 67.4 million customers in the United States. Could it be true that "T-Mobile One Plus" could be the answer to all the frustrations of the customers when it comes to data plans because of the absence of data capping?

T-Mobile One Plus is the newest single, unlimited data plan for the 67.4 million subscribers of T-Mobile. It is up for grab in the amount of $25 per month per line on top of its successor the "T-Mobile One"
 which amounted $70 per month according to T-Mobile News Room website. In addition, T-Mobile One Plus offers the following: unlimited high-speed 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, unlimited HD Day passes and 2x faster speeds abroad.

For the unlimited high-speed 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, customers don't have to worry about exceeding data bucket because T-Mobile allowed them to snap, browse the web, post, gram and stream movies in big screens or laptops. Aside from that, users also don't have to worry about the number of people connected to the hotspot because the speed stays the same.  

In addition, streaming unlimited HD videos is possible with T-Mobile One Plus by toggling the unlimited HD day passes. Also, With T-Mobile One Plus internet speed is 2x faster even when abroad because of the inclusion of Simple Global that offers free data roaming abroad. 3G speed is also possible if it is available in someone's place or location.

T-Mobile killed its various data plans to pave the way to its newest single, unlimited data plan referred to as "T-Mobile One". However, the newest data plan has come with great confusions and complications due to multiple add-ons and limited tethering speeds and 480p video quality as reported by CNET. Besides, the report claimed that even the newest T-Mobile One Plus has its own set of limits such as the reactivation of HD day passes every 24 hours, 4G LTE may only work in mobile and not for connected laptops and data speed will throttle if the subscriber exceed the 26GB of data in a month.

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