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‘Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Released Date’ Update: Apple of the East Will Soon Recover from Great Loss?


The game is on with Xiaomi after experiencing great loss in the revenues of smartphone sales and after facing allegations of copyright infringement from Apple. The company which is known for its moniker as "Apple of the East" is making a comeback but this time in the laptop market where competition is stiff given the presence of the unbeatable Cupertino company Apple. Will Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is the best way for the company to recover such great loss?

Netizens expressed their excitement when Mobile and Apps revealed the rumored specifications of the first PC of Xiaomi called Mi Notebook Air which came from the company's website. According to the report, Mi Notebook Air is packed with premium upgrade on specifications leveling or even surpassing Apple's MacBook Pro 2016.

For technical details, iTech Post reported that Mi Notebook Air has a memory capacity of 8GB RAM with built-in 256 GB SSD that is actually at par with gaming laptop. The processor is powered by Intel Core i5 with NVIDIA GeForce 940 MX and 5,000 mAh of battery that supports fast charging. When it comes to connectivity, Mi Notebook Air equipped with the standards such as HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, USB Type-C ports and Bluetooth 4.1. However, when it comes to camera, Xiaomi failed to upgrade it as it only comes with 1MP camera.

Aside from the USB-Type C ports, Mi Air Notebook is also built with Thunderbolt 2 connector similar to Apple's FireWire connector. The Mi Air Notebook is expected to out with Windows 10 Home Chinese version which can be activated to Windows 10 Home English version. Difficulties in language migration are expected even though the settings have been changed.  

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air fans are excited that they have already placed their pre-orders which will last until September 13. Will Mi Notebook Air survived a midst the stiff competition in laptop market?  

Watch the video below for more details about Mi Notebook Air specifications.

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