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Samsung ‘Galaxy Note 7’ Issues: 64 GB Storage is not true? Full details of the missing storage here!


Alongside great features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there are some issues that users failed to notice with the newest mobile flagship of Korean tech giant company. One of these issues is the rumored missing 2 GB storage from the advertised 64 GB of Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung 'Galaxy Note 7' was well-received by the netizens even before its launching date this August. However, a midst the users appreciative comments and thumbs up for the never before features of the sexiest phablet of 2016, there are user who took noticed of some issues that Samsung needs to clarify. One of these issues was pointed out by the Android Guys where they revealed that 64 GB storage is not true in contrast to the advertisement made by Samsung.

The report claimed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 storage is short by 2 GB taken by the carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. The author lamented about being tricked and paid for 64 GB only to get lesser and the worst of it, everybody knows that the 2GB missing storage was openly hijacked by the carriers.

Aside from the storage issues, the report also pointed out the poor battery life which totally mismatched the power consumed by its large screen. Another issue was the locked-in period of three years which means updates won't be available not until the smartphone was fully unlocked.

Despite the issues, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was hailed by Express UK as the phablet perfection though comes with a very high price. The report identified the pros and cons of the smartphone. The pros are stunning water resistant design, useful upgrades to S Pen, compact despite brilliant 5.7 inch display and good battery life. Whilst the cons are pointless iris scanner, stupidly high price and glass finish. In addition, they also noted that other manufacturers should feel pressure from the latest Samsung mobile flagship because there is something truly spectacular in their latest innovation of smartphone.

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