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Samsung ‘Galaxy Note 7’ Tips and Tricks: Identify Unknown Callers, Get Better Battery Life, App Multitasking and More!


Aside from the apparent features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there are some features hidden in the core of the newest Samsung mobile flagship in which users failed to explore. These secret features include identifying unknown callers, get better battery life, copy music and other files and others which are hidden from the menu.

Users usually complain about the poor battery life of the Samsung phablet. Recombu suggested users to head to the Power Savings Mode which can be found in Settings under the Device Management option. This is ideal most especially when the user is caught in the midst of desperation to keep the unit alive. By selecting the 'Mid' option, the screen will dim and the resolution will automatically drop as well as prevent apps from going online. This trick will extend the battery life an extra hour or two.  

Another tip recommended by Pocket -Lint is to know what's eating the battery and how to kill them. To be able to see those running apps, head on to settings then battery and tap battery usage.

In addition, identifying unknown callers is one of the unfamiliar features. This is good news most especially if the user is often hounded by call centers and spammers, chances are they can be recognized through their respective caller identification. To be able to do this, head on to Advanced Features, look for the unsaved numbers and Samsung can identify the caller if it is in their database.

The Galaxy Note 7 allows a user to use two apps at the same time with the mighty 5.7 inch display built for split-screen action . How does that happen? This can be done through tapping the button at the left of the Note 7's home button and the list of opened apps will appear. At the upper right of the app window, tap the rectangular shape button and the screen will automatically split into two.

Aside from the above mentioned tips and tricks, the Galaxy Note 7 will also allow the user to use the phone with one hand, turning on the night mode, take instant note, create a GIF image, and video enhancement. These are just among the features included in the best smartphone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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