How To Escape A 'Bad Professor'


With school coming sooner than we think, a lot of families and college students may be busy with preparations. Check out these smart ways to decorate a dorm room without spending too much and these items of clothing that can make you become the most stylish student in the university.

Another important thing that students should look out for during the first few days of college is a "bad professor." According to U.S. News, students should be aware of this type of educator so that there is time to drop the course if need be. Here are some ways that students can tell if their professor is bad.

1. He or she is boring.

It's a bad sign if a professor just stands in front of the class and reads large sections of the lecture from their notes. Most likely, the professor will keep the same teaching style until the end of the semester.

2. He or she does not provide a syllabus and is unclear about the course requirements.

It shows that the professor does not have a clue on what he or she should do in the class this semester. It's even worse when he or she does not know how to explain the grading system.

3. He or she hates the world.

Another sign of a bad professor is when he or she attends the first day of class already grumbling about how much he or she hates teaching the course or teaching at the school. It is highly unlikely that things will not get better later on.

4. He or she is unsure or confused about the material.

This shows that he or she did not study the course well enough. It is a common practice for college faculty to be forced to teach a course in which they have no expertise.

5. He or she does not engage with the students.

A good professor makes a class dynamic and interesting. If the professor just stands there and does not invite or accept questions, then it may be time to drop the course.

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