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How Social Media Can Help You Choose An Online Degree Program


Nowadays, online education is no longer only for working adults who want to finish their degrees. Even high school students can reap the benefits of an online degree program.

It is logical for younger students to get an online education since they can adapt to it better. Plus, with this, they can also gain experience and learn at the same time.

Recently, it was reported that online education is changing the world of fashion and how upcoming designers are being taught about the trade. There are still limitations to it, though, since creative design is difficult to teach with just digital media.

Nonetheless, students who want to enroll in an online degree program can use social media to search for the right online college. U.S. News shared four ways that social media can be used by online degree applicants.

1. Research.

Prospective applicants can find information about the programs and courses available on online colleges through their official social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram are some of the best places to do research on.

2. Connect.

These social media sites are also perfect for connecting with an educational institution's faculty, current online students and alumni. "I think that's the most important thing for anybody - is to get a sense of how someone who's gone through the program or someone who's in the program, what's their opinion of it," Catherine Dwyer, chair of information technology at Pace University's Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, said.

3. Ask.

Social media makes inquiries much easier and convenient. Students can simply send their questions to the online college's social media site and wait for a reply. There are also online programs that hold Twitter Q&As to answer applicants' questions.

4. Learn.

Online degree programs advertise their events on their social media profiles. There are some schools that have virtual "open houses" and webinars. This is extremely helpful for prospective students since they can get more information on the institution.

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