19 Items That The Most Stylish Freshman In Uni Needs


The first day of college is an exciting time in any freshmen's life. It's truly a new journey, with adventures to discover and knowledge to be gained.

With so many new freshmen starting college this year, it's important that you stand out. GQ shared 19 stylish items that are a must-have for university freshers.

1. Suede Loafers. This versatile piece can be worn with almost anything.

2. Trainers. Another flexible item which works with your existing wardrobe. The Adidas Stan Smith trainers are also sleek enough to be able to work at smarter events.

3. Underpants. Perhaps one of the best times to buy new underwear is just before you start university.

4. Navy slim suit. Invest in this item; you never know when you'll need it.

5. Button-down shirt. This classic piece is great for formal occasions, where you can tuck them into your trousers. It's also great for a more casual look, with the sleeves rolled up to your elbows and the edges flying free over your jeans.

6. Pajama Trousers. Pair this with a white T-shirt and you'll be stylish even when you sleep.

7. Zip-up jacket. This is great for when you want to radiate that athlete sports-vibe to your outfit.

8. Polaroid sunglasses. Don't forget to protect your eyes from excess UV exposure and glare.

9. A good pair of jeans. It is always better to spend money on quality that you know will last you for a long time.

10. T-shirts. Find a brand that fits you well. It's also good to invest in the more neutral colors like black, gray, white and blue.

11. Socks. This piece may seem inconsequential but skimping on good quality socks may cause you blisters from walking around the campus.

12. Wool overcoat. Stay warm and stylish with a sleek, classic design.

13. Raincoat. A must-have especially since classes start in September, where autumn showers are unavoidable.

14. Watch. Yes, your smartphone may already serve as your watch but a classic timepiece is still the best accessory to looking sharp. You can choose to have a smartwatch, though.

15. Backpack. It's inevitable that you'll be carrying around your books, notebooks and laptop everyday so better invest in a sturdy rucksack.

16. Joggers. Find soft, slim joggers that are stylish and comfortable.

17. Sweatshirt. This is great for cold nights.

18. Ballpen. Even with technology, there are still forms that you need to fill out by hand.

19. Books. Freshmen can check out these tips on how to save money on textbooks.

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