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‘Proxima b Planet’ News: Earth-Like Planet Likely to Have Atmosphere and Water; Habitable by Human in the Coming Centuries? [VIDEO]


A new study revealed another scientific breakthrough about the latest discovery of Proxima b planet orbiting around Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the sun. Proxima b is considered as one of the nearest exoplanets from the solar system that is located within the habitable zone of its star. Can further scientific research prove the possibility of life outside our solar system given that Proxima b planet is likely to have atmosphere and water in the surface?

Apparently, the latest discovery of Proxima b planet is great news for all scientists and researchers who dedicated their lives in discovering earth-like planets outside the solar system. Ansgar Reiners the study author said in a Fox59 report that there will be a possible robotic exploration in the coming centuries following the latest discovery. Reiners added that exploring the nearest neighborhood planet is like a dream come true for astronomers.

Knowing that Proxima b planet is 4.2 light years away from our solar system (equivalent to 92.9 million miles times 266,000) reaching there is impossible in this lifetime. However, with 21st century technology, Popular Mechanics listed the possible ways to be able to set foot in Proxima b planet. The list includes nuclear bombs, photonic propulsion and nuclear fusion - all linked to laser beams that can travel more than the speed of light.

Though Proxima b planet is located in the Goldilocks temperature zone (not too cold and not too hot), it is still an assumption whether or not the planet has its own atmosphere and water in the surface. In fact, the journalist Ethan Siegel suggested that it is important to be skeptical and learned the lessons from the previously reported planet around the neighborhood star but the news went out from the mainstream and there are no updates heard until now. Siegel reminded the public to be smart enough to know that by saying "earth-like" does not necessarily mean "inhabited".

Discovering Proxima b planet is subject to a lot of debates and scientific research as well. If proven that the Proxima b planet can host life from the earth, only chemistry can tell and of course other branch of sciences.

Meanwhile, the video below explained the details of how scientist planned to explore Proxima b planet in the coming years.

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