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‘Rotten Tomatoes’ Performed a Demolition Job on ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie? [RUMORS]


Internet is a tool that would enable everyone to express their voices with a higher probability of reaching out to people in a global perspective. May that voice be negative or positive, it can still influence someone and this is true in the case of Rotten Tomatoes criticisms to the movie 'Suicide Squad where the movie was overwhelmed with negative criticisms and got lower score from aggregated movie critics.

The Daily Dot revealed their analysis on the implications of Rotten Tomatoes aggregated criticisms from movie viewers around the globe. On their report, they pointed out that Rotten Tomatoes way of providing score to a certain movie is pure Math by through averaging. Furthermore, critics from Rotten Tomatoes are more of subjective when it comes to providing criticisms on the movie. Because of that, fans of the movie speculated that Rotten Tomatoes has done a demolition job and filed a petition to close down the site through Recently, the petition has gathered more than 1,700 supporters.

Despite allegations of performing a demolition job to 'Suicide Squad' movie, Cinema Blend thought that Rotten Tomatoes is not the one who can be blame for all the negative reviews. Accordingly, shutting the website cannot do any help to uplift the movie because Rotten Tomatoes has no hold over the critics who provided their views about the movie. No matter what, they will continue to provide their insights about the movie.

On the first round of reviews, 'Suicide Squad' gathered 35 percent of among critics which almost as closed as the score of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The cast especially the director are hoping to get higher ratings after the movie has been released to the masses. It seems like 'Suicide Squad' will not likely to get into the cinematic universe, thus, a bumpier road ahead is waiting for Wonder Woman and Justice League.

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