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New ‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Get Free PokeCoins and Win More Battles through Calculating your Pokemon Individual Values! Here’s How! [VIDEO]


If a player is smart enough to know how to delve into the world of Pokemon GO and explore the hidden statistics that connected to your Pokémon's combat power, there's a guarantee for him to catch them all and the chance to get more free PokeCoins. Each Pokemon has respective individual values that if carefully examined will make a player an ultimate PokeMaster!

It's true that Pokemons are not born equal. They have differences when it comes to attack, defense and stamina. In a nutshell, they are born with different Pokemon genes. Pokemon GO Hub reported that a player can take advantage of a Pokemon's individual values that connects to their respective combat power. IV is a perfect way to determine whether or not a certain Pokemon has a good combination of genes through an IV score.

A player must take note the three important IVs - attack, defense and stamina. These IV values are ranging from 0 to 15 but they are different from base stats. IVs stay the same even if the Pokemon is evolving unlike the base stats. To determine the IV score, a player must use an IV calculator to obtain a perfect result. An IV score is ranging from 0 to 100 percent where 0 represented a worst combination of gene and 100 percent depicts perfection.

This is just one of the secrets of the game left unexplored as iDigital Times described the game as complex. Mastering the art of playing Pokemon GO will enable a player to get ahead of others even without cheating. The augmented reality game needs careful analysis on its gameplay and determining the IV score of each of the species will surely make a player an ultimate PokeMaster. Moreover, obtaining the specie's IV will make a player get more free PokeCoins that can be used in the game and more winnings in trainer's battle.

Watch the video below for further information in calculating Pokemon IVs.

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