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New ‘Pokemon GO Tracking App’ Updates: Niantic Wants to Gain Back the Players Who ‘Quit Pokemon GO’?


Millions of players have been reported quitting the augmented reality game 'Pokemon GO' after the anti-cheat system of Niantic has been up. This is probably the reason why Niantic is on its way in releasing the new "Pokemon GO tracking app", an updated version of "Pokemon GO Sightings" that was reportedly shut down by the developer after some reported glitches way back July.

Niantic is apparently working out to gain back the players who quit playing "Pokemon GO" after the shutting down of the third party apps. Game N Guide reported that the new "Pokemon GO tracking app" is about to be launched specifically September this year. In addition, CEO John Hanke revealed that there will be new game updates that will be expected from Niantic once in every two weeks. While this report remained unconfirmed, millions of players are expected to get back on track after days or weeks of deactivation.

Aside from the new "Pokemon GO tracking app", another set of exciting features keep the loyal fan's motivation in greater heights. Just recently, Niantic released the newest feature called "Pokemon Go appraise" where a player can have the team leader appraise the capabilities of the caught Pokemon according to Android Authority. This is an indication that Niantic is keeping its promise to give the players new and exciting experience in playing.

Pokemon trading, Pokemon GO Generation 2 and Legendary Pokemons are among the mentioned feature updates to be released by Niantic. Pokemon GO trading is speculated to be released in November 2016 while Pokemon GO trainer battles slated to be launched in March 2017. Moreover, the Generation 2 Pokemons and Legendary Pokemons are believed to be released beyond 2017.

Despite many rumors of the game fall down, bidding goodbye to Pokemon GO in 2017 is a far-fetched idea. In fact, unverified reports claimed the possibility of Pokemon GO released worldwide including China and India, countries with large number of gamers.

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