Apple Inc.: Check Out whether Your Job is Related to This Upcoming iOS 10 Apple Emojis!


Apple Inc.: Check Out whether Your Job is Related to This Upcoming iOS 10 Emojis!

Apple will be adding five set of job-related emojis, all in male and female versions. There will be astronauts, artist, pilot, judge and firefighter.

Apple engineer, Peter Edberg, sent the proposal to Unicode Consortium as part of the version 4.0 update. In the proposal, Apple requests the emoji sequences for the five professionals and provides fallback examples on how each career is expressed through currently available emoji.

Overall, there will be 16 job-related Apple emojis coming in Unicode Emoji Version 4.0.

They will also include gender diversity and wide range of skin tones. The evaluation for this new Apple emojis will be completed in October and planned for debut in the following month.

Unicode Consortium itself, is an organization which members include Google, Apple, and Microsoft. It is responsible for standardizing the emojis across the OS.

Previously, Apple published a press release stating that there will be one hundred of new emojis available on iPhone and iPad with iOs 10. The update also gets gender diversity, family options, and a new rainbow flag, Apple wrote.

Previously, Apple has also made a change on its gun emojis - replacing the pistol with 'harmless' water gun. The change became news for awhile as many have seen it as a campaign to end gun violence. However, not everyone is happy with the replacement as many Apple device users seem to complain about it.

For instance, a Twitter user disagreed with the change and asked to 'leave my emojis alone'. In the NY Times opinion pages, someone even described the replacement is like 'rearranging the deck chairs on Titanic'.

As for the newest Apple emojis, many of the users view it as an exciting update. How about you?

Meanwhile, check out the CNN news about Apple replacing pistol emoji with water gun emoji

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