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5 Safest Messaging Apps for Android and iPhone with End-to-End Encryption; Let Spy be Gone! [VIDEO]


Before you download a messaging app for Android or iPhone, here's a list of apps with end-to-end encryption that keeps your chats private and secured!

Messaging Apps with End-to-End Encryption


WhatsApp made it clear in its official site, stating that with end-to-end encrypted feature, all of your messages and files you send are secured. Furthermore, it also allows you and the person you chat with, are the only people in this world that can read the messages, not even WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger

Just recently, Facebook Messenger finally rolls out update with new feature, Secret Conversation. The messaging app is now equipped with E2EE although it is not a default. Users will be given a timer that states how long the secret conversation can stay visible. According to Facebook press release, the social media platform promises not to read your messages. It also states that the conversations 'can only be read on one device'.


LINE is the first to bring E2EE to its messaging app in mobile devices and also PC for Windows and Mac OS X. The end-to-end encryption is offered in Letter Sealing - an uncrack-able feature that makes it impossible to disclose any content within the messenger app.


A recent battle between Apple and the feds should give users a peace of mind, knowing that even the FBI has to take the E2EE case to court to access the encrypted device, because the government needed data from shooters' iPhone in San Benardino incident, Tech Times reported.

The Apple-built messaging app claims to keep users data safe with its most personal technology. iMessage is equipped with end-to-end encryption to protect data and add safeguards to your personal information, be it photos or credit cards, Apple claimed.


Viber's update includes the end-to-end encryption feature for additional protection. However, the messaging app requires specific upgrade requirements to support E2EE which you can read further in Viber customer's portal.

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