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Sorry Niantic, The Banned ‘Pokemon GO’ Cheaters can Still Cheat to Unban; Player Reveals How It Works!


Niantic should have worked harder to remove all the unauthorized apps and bots to cheat "Pokemon GO".

A recent happy news for the cheaters let them unban themselves from the softban punishment that Niantic has given them.

Niantic won't be happy with this new "Pokemon GO" cheat to unban the banned

The AR game app might cause you trouble when you use third-party spoofing app. However, in case you get soft ban from Pokemon Go, you can always use this method to revoke with a little effort.

"Pokemon GO" cheat to unban: Find, Swipe, Repeat

Within the game, walk and select the nearby PokeStop. There is a circle pops up in the middle of the screen and you need to swipe it and then close PokeStop. Repeat the step for 40 times the least. This will bypass the bans after using bots or cheats according to Android Headlines.

In its detailed story, the cheat needs PokeStop to be in the range of the player's avatar. It will refuse to spin but players are encouraged to repeat the swipe for 40 times. Some players found it worked after swiping for the 41st time. This method is inevitably simple and easy as it won't take long to do.

For the record, Niantic does offer a way to get your suspended account back in case you are permanently banned from the game. If you ever found yourself permanently banned, you can submit an appeal to Niantic website to have it restored. Or, you can create new account and start all over again from the first level.

Meanwhile, you can use Pokemon GO cheats that still work such as the FastPokeMap tracker that can find nearby monsters. Although it is less effective than the PokeVision app, players have proven the well-functioned tracker.

Have you used any Pokemon GO cheats and get banned?


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