'Pokemon GO' Cheats for iOS, Jailbroken iPhone: This Latest Hack Gives You Handy Tools to Easily Find; Tap and Catch Them All


"Pokemon GO" cheats for iPhone could end with players getting banned. However, if your iPhone has been jailbroken, then this is the best cheat you can use to move your character around and find the monsters easily.

 "Pokemon GO" cheat for iOS lets you add a joystick!

Using the cheat, players will be able to move the character around the map with a joystick. Tapping two half circles from left side of screen; you can choose some settings from increasing speed, moving character to walking without using joystick. There is even an option that makes you invisible to other players while you are catching Pokemon.

You can also open Google Maps, pick any place from the map and the character will walk towards the place. If you see any Pokemon, you can tap it and your character will walk towards it. This Pokemon GO cheat iOS uses simple method that allows you to just tap the image and let the character walk there.

"Pokemon GO" cheat for iOS will be banned?

Niantic has voiced its concern about the mushrooming cheats on the web. The company plans to ban players who use cheats for iPhone or Android. However, this Pokemon GO cydia hacks do not teleport you from one place to another. Rather, it uses the joystick to move around the character.

Thus, when you use the cheat in your jailbroken iPhone, it actually tricks the software into thinking you are walking when you're only using the joystick.

Pangu jailbreak iOS 9.3 released, time to catch them all!

Now that the famous Pangu jailbreaker has officially released its iOS 9.3 jailbreak, you can be glad that jailbreaking your iPhone does not need too many steps. Pangu jailbreak lets you do it on your iPhone without using computer, Yibada reported.

Watch how this "Pokemon GO" cheat for iOS in jailbroken iPhone below!

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