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DOTA 2 Recap, Final Match Live Stream, News: Wings Takes Home TI6 Aegis, Bagged $9.1-M Prize; DOTA New Hero Revealed [VIDEO]


Finally, the winning team has been unveiled. On Saturday, August 13, Wings Gaming reigned the DOTA 2 International 2016 champions after they beat rival Digital Chaos, a runner-up who will go home with home $3.4-million, in 3-1 victory.

The Wings Gaming takes home the TI6 Aegis, and the whooping grand prize of $9.1-million. The total prize pool for TI6 event was $20.7-million, generated from the community of players who purchased some items and levels of compendium via Steam store. This prize pool was a record breaking amount in eSports prize money.

The winner will take home $9.1-million; runner-up takes $3.4; third place winner ($2.1-million); fourth ($1.4-million); fifth ($934,671); sixth place ($934,671); seventh place ($519,262); and eighth place ($519,262), based on the prize tracker of DOTA 2.

The Wings Gaming, a team formed in August 2015, comprised of Chinese players, while Digital Chaos (DC), a team formed in March 2016, comprised players from Ukraine, Romania, U.S.A., Denmark and Macedonia.

Before DC faced Wings, they defeated Evil Geniuses, the third runner-up. Both teams showed they were deserved to win the grand prize and take home the Aegis. However, the Chinese team proved they were indomitable as they successfully got the three consecutive wins.

On August 12, after the head-to-head of DC and EG, the new DOTA 2 hero was introduced.Before the hero unveiled to the audience, there was a Chinese exhibition with the drum beat. After the performance, the new DOTA hero was unveiled- it was Sun Wukong the Monkey King,

2016 International Dota 2 Championships Recap

TI6 began last week, and most fans and casters predicted OG and Liquid will make it to the finals. OG won both the Frankfurt and Manila tournaments, while Liquid has been placed as second runner- up at Shanghai and Manila Majors.. 

However, TI6 event shocked audience and casters as Na'Vi was eliminated in one lower bracket against Team Liquid. OG was beaten by Korean team, and the audience and casters were surprised when OG was beaten again by upstart Filipino team TNC, according to Polygon.  

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