Top 10 Online Careers That Require Lesser Startup Capital


Online careers are providing opportunities for a lot of graduates nowadays. Technology has definitely helped the entire workforce not only with tools that boost productivity but with actual jobs for a lot of workers.

Starting your online career is quite easy. It also requires lesser startup capital than the traditional business model. Entrepreneur shared the top 10 online careers that anyone can start immediately.

1. Online Store Owner. Building an online store is quite easy. It becomes even easier with eBay. This can be a great way to raise startup funds for your other business.

2. T-shirt E-commerce Store. An online T-shirt company is more affordable and profitable. Gone are the days where you would need to order a lot of shirts, in various colors and sizes, in order to sell.

3. Business Coach. This online career actually requires a lot of real-life work experiences. However, after gaining the knowledge and skills to become a business coach, all you need to do is to market yourself on social media.

4. Consultant. Similar to a business coach, this online career would need you to know what you're talking about. Brand building is important if you want to become a consultant.

5. Affiliate Marketer. While you may need more startup capital than the others on testing and optimization for this, it does pay you for your hard work. The pay is dependent on every lead or sale that you are able to generate.

6. Virtual Assistant. The responsibilities included for this online career are: customer service duties, appointment-setting, scheduling and email management, among others. There are a lot of companies that are currently looking for virtual assistants.

7. Freelance Content Creator. This comes in the form of content marketing. An important skill needed for a freelance content creator is to be able to attract the target audience and convert them into revenue.

8. Social Media Influencer. Yes, it's a real online career in the modern world. People who have a large and loyal following on social media are often tapped by brands to promote their products or services.

9. Vlogger. This is a specific form of social media influencer since it focuses on video content. Vloggers are also enlisted by companies for advertisements.

10. Graphic Designer/Web Developer. There is a lot of demand for people who are trained with graphic design and/or web development work. Freelancers often get flexible hours and the power to choose projects.

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