Baylor University Athlete Gets Arrested For Stalking Former Girlfriend

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Hammad is currently a junior in Baylor University. He played 13 games last season and is going to start at right guard for this year. Because of the charges, he was suspended from all athletic programs pending the resolution of his case.

The arrest warrant cited under Waco Tribune details the athlete waiting for his ex-girlfriend before her class on July 7. She asked him to leave but he refused to do so. He stayed until her classes ended. Afraid for her life, the female walked with her professor to his office.

Seeing this, Hammad followed her and knocked on the door of the professor's office. This was done for several minutes. Both tried to call out to Baylor athletics. After multiple unsuccessful calls, they called 911 for back up.

When the police arrived, the athlete explained that he was worried about his former partner's safety. Furthermore, he just wished to talk about their relationship. However, the woman told the police that their relationship ended two months prior to the event. Afterwards, she had taking extensive measures in order to prevent him from bothering her.

Encouraging her to talk, he threatened her with suicide and physical abuse. Abuse includes grabbing her arm and pushing her against the wall in Baylor's football practice facility.

Baylor football head coach Jim Grobe aired his opinion of him. He said he does not have a bad bone or "culture of bad behavior." Be that as it may, the new Baylor athletics director said that he would make sure his program was clean.

In other news, Baylor systematically discouraged women from reporting sexual assaults or rape cases by threatening to punish them for drinking.

Check out Baylor U's locker room if you're curious to find out what is inside their Athletics deparment in the video below:

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