Job Search Tips: Questions You Shouldn't Ask In An Interview


It is always good to come prepared for a job interview. One of the things that an applicant must be ready for are the questions that the interviewer may ask you and the questions that you can ask the recruiter.

TIME shared four questions that candidates should not ask in an interview. Following these tips may help your job search or cost you a job offer.

1. "Can you tell me about the company?"

Asking this question would imply that you did not do your research on the company. Good job applicants prepare for an interview by finding out what the company does and how they do it. Most of the answers to this question are just found on the company's official website.

2. "What salary/vacation time will you offer?"

While it is important to have an open discussion about your compensation before accepting the job, these talks are best done after you have actually been presented with a job offer. Don't negotiate if you don't even know if you've passed the final interview or exams. It's presumptuous.

3. "Would you mind speaking with my mother or father?"

Surprisingly, an Adecco survey revealed that 8 percent of recent college graduates admitted that they brought their parent to an interview. It's good to get guidance and advice about life from your father and mother but bringing them to your job interviews may hurt your chances of landing the position.

4. "How soon can I expect a promotion?"

Again, don't be presumptuous and expect that you'll be promoted without even showing what you can contribute to the company. Let your hard work and effort speak for themselves.

To help you further with your job search, check out Forbes' list of nine things that job applicants should not do during interviews. Business Insider also gave a great tip on how to answer if the interviewer throws a trick question at you.

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