Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: 4K Device Released Together with The Foldable Phone Galaxy X

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A recent leak came from a source that claims to find out about Samsung's foldable phone. The so called Galaxy X is set to be launched sometime in 2017 alongside Galaxy S8. Albeit this rumor is to be taken with a grain of salt; it's worth to find out!

There are long-standing rants about Galaxy S8 and Galaxy X

Samsung is rumored to launch Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, and Galaxy X in 2017. There have been rumors around S8 which could be foldable Samsung phone. However, the leaked information hints at another device codenamed Galaxy X, that can be folded in half. For the record, Samsung has filed a patent for this technology, SamMobile wrote. And those who have been following the rants, will not be surprised if it does happen.

A Korean website also mentioned about the same feature in Galaxy X. It will be foldable and it will have 4K display. The foldable tech is definitely a dramatic change in smartphone industry and people doubt that it will come along with an affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy S8 specs

Although it's a bit too early to talk about Galaxy S8 specs, but there are definitely wishlists for this smartphone. Previously, the rumors about Galaxy S8 have surfaced, stating that it will have 4K display and compativle with new Gear VR. This could be true since Samsung is working with Google Daydream project.

Galaxy S8 is rumored to feature dual camera sensor since leaked details reported that Samsung Motors is currently working on the imaging technology. BGR collected a story from Weibo where it stated that the S8 variants will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 830.

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

If Galaxy X will be released alongside Samsung Galaxy S8, we should expect to see an entirely new line of smartphone later in 2017. Currently, Samsung fans are still mesmerized by the iris scanner that equips Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The recently released smartphone is said to make you think twice before getting yourself a new iPhone. Read the hands-on review in UH News.

Here's a concept video of Samsung Galaxy S8

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