Moto Z Force Droid Specs Review: Elegant Modular Smartphone for Your Long-Hour Entertainment Needs!


The Droid edition of Moto Z Force is an elegant modular phone with a lot of features to offer. Check out the specs review!

Moto Z Force Droid specs

Moto Z Force has chassis made of aluminum material. It's equipped with Gorilla Glass 4, like the Moto Z variant, but it comes with another screen protection called Shatter-Shield, which guarantees 'not to crack'.

Under the hood, Moto Z Force Droid feature 4 GB of RAM, 32/64 GB internal storage options and Snapdragon 820 chipset. The 5.5 inch screen comes with QHD AMOLED display and fingerprint sensor. It runs Android Marshmallow with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 as the chipset.

Moto Z Force Droid sports an impressive 21 MP rear camera and 5 MP selfie camera. It offers dual LED flash, autofocus and optical image stabilization. The Z Force variant is equipped with 3500 mAh battery cell - powerful enough to keep the phone alive for up to 40 hours. And it comes with turbo charging feature to ensure you can have 15 hours of battery life with only 15 minutes of charging, Motorola claimed.

Moto Z Force review - the Moto Mods

The Moto Mods are the accessories you can place on the phone's back. These removable backs are the things you can choose to get what you really need. For instance, the stylish shells do not only protect the 16 pins at the back of the phone but also make Moto Z Force feels more ergonomic. It also gives the phone a totally different look. There is also power pack that adds the power up to 22 hours while still making the phone's appearance slim.

There is also Moto Mod Soundboost speaker, the device that might make the Moto Z Force looks bulky but it definitely boosts the sound of your favorite music.

The Moto Insta Share projector transforms the phone into a tiny projector that enables you to watch your favorite movie on a bigger screen.

Moto Z Force Droid price

Moto Z Force is priced at $720 for the 32 GB variant and $770 for the 64 GB variant.

Moto Z Force Droid is an elegant modular phone that's comparable to LG G5. In fact, Motorola makes a history for releasing a rigid yet elegant Z Force Droid with such beast specs.

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