Female Orgasm: Academics Go Crazy Over New Findings By University Of Cincinnati Evolutionary Scientist! [VIDEO]


Academics are going crazy over new findings by University of Cincinnati Evolutionary scientist, Mihaela Pavlicev, published in the "The Journal of Experimental Zoology". To add heat to the fire, the scientist forwards a claim stating that the study can actually solve the long-debated mystery of the female orgasm.

As stated in the "Journal of Experimental Zoology" published Monday by Mihaela Pavlicev alongside a group of other evolutionary scientists, female orgasm was a natural response mammals use during sex millions of years ago, the New York Times reported.

In this case, the female animal increases her chance of releasing eggs to be fertilized by the intensity of her orgasm. But it only serves true for that time.Academics from close universities are craving and going crazy over the recent findings collected by Pavlicev. The point of interest in the study wherein academics were most intrigued about is the impact evolution has caused among human females, Wiley Online Library stated.

Thus, from the latter female primate to the earliest female person, a clear line was drawn between orgasm as an agent of reproduction and orgasm as a mere physical sensation.Thereto, the study pushes that the attempts of tracing the evolutionary path had proven futile for a stage as early as now.

As a result, Pavlicev labelled her study as yet to be a direct speculation from the obvious characteristics of female orgasm. But as she pursued critical analysis phase, she found herself thumbing back at old biology journals in order to get a bigger picture of the mammalian evolutionary tree.Therein, she discovered that induced ovulation, the kind of mammalian ovulation preceding our present spontaneous ovulation, ensued among only a few mammalian lines at about 75 million years ago, Discover Magazine reported.

Amidst the compounding debates about female orgasm, one emerges scientifically true- human females are "spontaneous ovulators", meaning, there are no required triggering factors in order for females to increase chances of fertilizing egg, the New York Times again reported.

In a separate interview, Komisaruk, Pavlicev's colleague is giving her share of thoughts about what female orgasm is exactly. She eventually argues that the female orgasm is an activity in the woman's body that supports pleasure in order to activate the "nucleus accumbens", the part of the brain that is is responsible for exciting the body.

She insists that it is impossible for female orgasm to be sidelined into what other scientists are carelessly labeling as "byproduct of evolution". As Pavlicev would put it, female orgasm serves its own mysterious purpose, CNN reported.

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