Online Education and Digital Innovative Learning: The Future of Academics? [VIDEO]


In the age of technology, universities are expected to leave behind inefficient old school teaching methods and begin adapting online education and digital innovative learning, or risk being left behind. Creativity and imagination, as proposed by modern-age academics, are they key to innovation and perhaps, a better future.

The melting pot for all ideas, changes, innovations, etc. is the university. Thus, in a society, it is the university that first adapts new ideas, to the point of deconstructing century-old teaching models. The simple reason for this is that all ideas and principles are fickle, and they can change depending on the environmental and cultural conditions in a present time, Huffington Post reported.

The past teaching models don't simply work anymore and by that, universities are constantly handed the burden of adapting online education and digital innovative learning in their curriculums. Not doing so may not directly defy a solid academic law, but surely violates a much more pertinent law- the law of nature, the Star reported.

In this connection, the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School or VLACS emerges as one of the most successful online school stories in the web. A virtual education school based in New Hampshire, the VLACS boasts of a self-paced academic platform for highly creative students who prefer studying at home.

For the record, the VLACS manages 200 full-time middle and high school students and about 10,000 part-timers from brick-and-mortar schools statewide. But the pinnacle of this out-of-the-blue virtual school is actually its exam-less, application-less and screening-less free admission.

Ultimately, VLACS doesn't adhere to the typical virtual school tradition of enlisting parents or guardians as uncompensated "learning coaches"; instead VLACS partners with teachers and assists them more into the communicative aspects towards their students, Wired reported.

Fortunately, domains in the U.S. that support innovation in education are growing in numbers. The all-new Longview technology conference every July gets comfy with students and teachers over digital teaching and learning talks, Long View News- Journal reported.

There is no denying that all academic roads lead to online education and digital innovation. As of what befalls the universities if they choose to stagnate in the old school teaching models, that one sure fate should be no worse than eventual extinction, Huffington Post again reported.

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