Nexus Phone 2016 Release Date, Rumors: HTC Marlin has Larger Screen than HTC Sailfish, Runs Android Nougat? Check Out Specs!

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Nexus Phone 2016 HTC Sailfish has been heavily talked about before and now it is time for the larger variant, the Nexus Phone 2016 HTC Marlin.

Nexus Phone 2016 HTC specs

Albeit not from a direct source, Android Police has gathered the Nexus Phone 2016 HTC Marlin specs. The HTC-made smartphone will have larger screen display of 5.5 inch AMOLED.

The Nexus Phone 2016 HTC is said to be released in two storage variants, the 32 GB and 128 GB with big RAM of 4 GB. The processor boasts quad-core Qualcomm and it will be equipped with USB type C port and Bluetooth 4.2.

The Nexus Phone 2016 HTC Marlin will also support fingerprint sensor. For the camera, HTC Marlin will be packed with 12 MP lens on its back and 8 MP for its front. If rumors are true, the phone will have huge battery capacity with its 3450 mAh battery cell. The CPU has not yet been confirmed but it could likely be the Snapdragon 820 or 823, The Verge reported.

On the other hand, Nexus Phone 2016 HTC Sailfish has smaller battery capacity of 2,770 mAh and Full HD screen display of 5 inch.

Nexus Phone 2016 HTC Marlin and HTC Sailfish Design

Both HTC-built smartphones will likely to have similar design albeit Nexus Phone 2016 HTC Marlin will possibly have bigger screen and slightly better specs. Many rumors swirl around the HTC branding that might follow the path of Apple's strategy with its iPhone and iPhone Plus versions - which have no huge difference.

Nexus Phone 2016 HTC Sailfish and Marlin are expected to run the latest Android OS, Android Nougat.

Nexus Phone 2016 HTC release date for HTC Marlin and HTC Sailfish

Nexus Phone 2016 HTC smartphones will possibly be released alongside the Android OS launch that is due in October. Check out HTC Sailfish specs at University Herald.

What do you think about Nexus Phone 2016 HTC? Do you know any other rumors leaked on the smartphones? 

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