The Cockroach Milk Surprise: Academic Research Explains Why It Is The Next Big Food Thing! [VIDEO]

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Biochemist at India's Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Bangalore, Subramanian Ramaswamy surprises science and academic domains with his latest research- "Cockroach Milk: Protein Powerhouse"! His study further explains and proves the claim that the cockroach milk reserves a place as the next big food thing in the future!

Ramaswamy's study claims that the cockroach milk offers 3-4 times protein energy power compared to cow's dairy, Care 2 reported.

However, such claim does not guarantee a full favor towards generic cockroach milk, for only the Pacific beetle (Diploptera punctate) cockroach species' milk counts in, International Business Times reported.

Beforehand, the study went into deliberate tail-chasing methods in order to detect the apt source for the highest protein secretion.

The result revealed only one species responsible- the Pacific beetle cockroach.

As per biochemical feature, it is therefore de rigueur to relate the species' ability of giving birth to live off-springs with its current ability of producing high-protein milk, Irish Times reported.

Obviously, protein is a very vital mineral for strengthening and aiding off-springs' growth. Thus, the act that parents should ensure highest protein consumption among their off-springs is a commonplace, intuitive and suitable decision among them, Irish Times again reported.

Respectively, the substance produced by the parent cockroach being named for is a substance beyond the standards of any milk we usually comprehend.

It comes out as a liquid in form, then crystalizes upon reaching the off-spring's gut. It is during this crystallization process that the substance reaches maximum protein rapture.

Thereupon, the converted crystal inside the young insect's body can now stand as its sufficient food source.

By no difference, the glucose, fats and proteins found in this substance are the exact same energy powerhouse most vital for humans.

Point shortened: the cockroach's milk is, by all definition, a food supplement humans can similarly partake of.Consequently, Ramaswamy's surprising discovery takes science and the academes' attention by storm, Care 2 again reported.

Efforts in the scientific community are now reported to be drawn towards the higher vision of designing effective methods for storing and cultivating these minerals as ample food sources for the future's consuming many.

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