Google's Android Launcher Tech Design For Nexus 2016 Leaked [VIDEO]

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Leaks on the latest Google's Android Launcher tech design for Nexus 2016 comes out and not everyone is happy about it. Some good features of the previous launcher are missing or are totally replaced with completely different designs, while a few buttons were retained, if not enhanced.

As per information released by reliable sources, Google is currently hoping to premiere a brand-new Android launcher for Nexus devices in 2016. The specific Nexus models that will soon be updated with the said launcher are Sailfish and Marlin, Android Police reported.

The Android Police is a trusted site that releases leaks of upcoming Nexus models.Accordingly, this latest launcher is believed to be part of the Android Nougat. The Android Nougat happens to be the main program runner for all Nexus devices, Sailfish and Marlin included, Android Police again reported.

The new launcher is said to take off from the typical app drawer icon. Alongside this tweaking are various other cancellations of original buttons, features and app formats. Replacing the drawer icon is a translucent filter that can be swiped side to side, up and down, India Today in Technology reported.

But the ultimate tweaking on its features which fans think crosses the line is the riddance of the Google Search and its replacement by a quoted "ugly" G button in the tapping portion.

There were also reports of unnecessary calendar widgets, plus other add-ons.The leaks shared by Android Police show a seemingly different launcher format compared to the traditional one. As a result, fans were torn into halves.

The other half, however, is still hoping that the leaked tech designs would not make their way to the final package, Engadget reported.

Subsequently, while some are ranting about the latest tweaking in Google's Android launcher, the best parts are still worthy to note:

1. Well-positioned calendar widget

2. New and improved Google Assistant AI

3. Possible latest and effective nav buttons

4. Google Now pane toggle off button

More of these changes are still on the way perhaps for the better, if not the best, Engadget again reported.

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