Malaria Treatment Breakthrough By UCT Academics: A Simple Molecule? [VIDEO]


From years of academic research, the University of Cape Town (UCT) finally reveals a treatment or prevention breakthrough for Malaria- a simple molecular strand. A trusted team from the academe's Drug Discovery and Development Centre endorses a particular molecule that can relieve symptoms of Malaria by killing its very own parasite source.

The reported prowess of the molecule is dissected into 3 features: total body system control, transmission blockage and protection.

By all means, the molecule researched and now endorsed by UCT not only ups resistance in the body, but re-organizes its system as well.

The molecule is under branding to be sent forth in the market, EWN reported.

In separate news concerning an already manufactured anti-malaria drug, a group of British scientists are at odds over completing a clinical test for the said drug, Cruiser's Choice reported.

It was in response to related particular claim made by academic drug researchers in the U.S. saying that the "atovaquone" found in such drug can eventually boost the person's immunity to radio therapy, Journal Nature Communications reported.

Radio therapy, by coincidence has been claimed to be a most effective treatment for cancer.

However, the only minus in it is that it tends to sup the person's cells up to dry.

Hopefully, by the end of the research, the subjects will have been able to develop a strong susceptibility to radio therapy and finally fight cancer, Cruiser's Choice again reported.

It was only later, after a brief pre-research testing that the scientists were able to link the atovaquone to the molecule endorsed by the UCT academic researchers, EWN again reported.

The Malaria disease has been our foe for centuries passed and up until today, it never ceases to surprise science, health and academic domains with its adaptive abilities.

A mosquito-borne infectious disease mothered by parasitic protozoans, malaria can only be countered by one suitable element- molecular defense, Fox News reported.

Thus, the particular molecule strand mentioned by UCT should not fail us.

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