SCOPE Changes Life At Penn State University: Special Students Are All Set For SAT?

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SCOPE or Summer College Opportunity Program in Education, takes another great academic turn this summer in the College of Education when it changed the life of  former intellectually challenged Loretta Lowman to becoming a SCOPE volunteer herself! Given Lowman's story, more talks lead to the program's capacity in helping special students pass the SAT tests.

In a recent update from Pennsylvania State University's College of Education, SCOPE once again makes the headline, streamlining photo showing returning alumna Loretta Lowman teaching another student enrolled in the program, Penn State News reported.

The program is frequently cited by many academic centers in Penn State for its effective strategy in facilitating learning among students.

Albeit sounding another regular summer academic program, it actually anchors on meaningful teaching frameworks that focus on education-based careers.

SCOPE is designed as a 4-week-long academic program that individually schools high school sophomores who are interested in the field, Penn State College of Education reported.  

In the case of Lowman, as per interview, the program deepens even more in scope. Lowman's story reveals her as a former learning-devoid student at 9.

With no hopes in securing an academic place, she was soon enrolled in the SCOPE program.

She recalls that she had been individually instructed and supported by "genuinely caring" teachers until finally encouraged to pursue an academic career, Penn State News again reported.

As a result from the four-year meaningful academic reinforcement, Lowman finally succeeded in securing her career, as evident in her present status.

What ignited from this news is the speculation on the program's efficiency in championing special students exactly the same way it championed Lowman before, PSU reported.  

Part of that, Penn State U education experts are opting the program to present its framework to a recall.

Therefore, high hopes are now angled into diverse academic objectives- managing special students as part of that, such that SCOPE's highly rigorous training method shall nevertheless emerge as an answered prayer for disadvantaged students struggling to pass the SAT tests.

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