New Education Secretary Justine Greening: Could Grammar Schools Get Thumbs Up From Government Under This One Condition? [VIDEO]


In an interview, newly-elected UK Education secretary, Justine Greening, states the possibility of accepting new grammar schools in the academe! And the catch- she may willingly support these basic schooling programs, provided that these schools endorse new standards, and not otherwise.

Beside Theresa May as new Prime Minister, Justine Greenberg assumes Education responsibility in the new government.

With the current Brexit plaguing directly the academic corners of the country, Green stands aware of the needs that are to be addressed in the Education system.

Green was also sufficiently agile to peek into the current expansion in UK's academic landscape; the Conservative's current setting of free and private education centers included, and assure the academics that she will be approaching this in the most scientific of means, Independent  reported.

Green also stated in the first press release that there isn't any need for the academics to dwell on prolonged and old-fashioned debates.

Thus, what Green is said to promote is an open-minded perspective among the people in the nation.

Recalling the root of such debate, it is worthy to cite that England's Labour government law eventually prevented Grammar schools from opening in the country during the time, Telegraph reported.

However the case, grammar schools have long been deemed to be necessary transitions for child leaners from before or after the age of 11.

Despite the Tory 1922 Committee's advancement to the Government that the law be dropped or amended, the government remained unresponsive until this very time, Telegraph again reported.

With the current issues barricading the eventual success in the country, Greening finally makes a stand and urges the academics to be open-minded, Independent reported.

That the landscape of Education is changing and will forever be changing is what she reportedly implied.

Greening further proposes a quoted "selective education method" that is to be adapted by the Academic institutions.

This ensures that while grammar schools may be allowed by the government to open in the country, they shall be subjected to scrutiny and selection by Education officials until such time that they can finally deliver a standard fit for the changing education landscape, as opposed to the "old-fashioned' grammar standards, Daily Mail reported.

Directly contradicting this proposal is Tim Farron, saying that the academics' selective approach towards grammar schools isn't going to contribute to the unity of the society.

According to the Liberal Democrat leader, what May and Greening should focus in the government right now is the apt funding of teachers and schools and thus, establishing a nationally-oriented academic opportunity for all, Independent again reported.

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