How Resisting The Political Beliefs Of Others Affect Our Brains

Dec 29, 2016 AM EST A study led by the neuroscientists from the University of Southern California suggests people have the tendency to be more resistant and hard headed in their political beliefs when provided with ...

How Presidential Candidates, Trump And Clinton Are Really Treating Education In Their Academic Platforms? [VIDEO]

Sep 13, 2016 AM EDT in the middle of Clinton and Trump's black and white dispute on education, experts say it is best for the people to see things in a Venn Diagram. While absurdity is present in both party's ...

Two Faces Of Education Revealed, More Debates Among Political Academics In The Way? [VIDEO]

Jul 24, 2016 AM EDT The two faces of Education are revisited in Zimmerman's intellectually scribbled opinion in OnlineAthens- the "real world" and the "conventional education. Given that the binary realities have long ...

China Fears “Political SAT” May Impose American Values on Students

Sep 02, 2014 AM EDT The Chinese community is unhappy with the revised SAT exam pattern as it imposes unnecessary American values on its students.

Wildlife Decline Triggers Child Labour and Political Instability, Study

Aug 04, 2014 AM EDT Drop in overall wildlife populations is causing brutal battles, organized crime and child labor worldwide, according to a new study by the University of California Berkeley.

Norwegian Mass Killer Begins Studies from Prison (UPDATE)

Sep 13, 2013 AM EDT After rejecting Anders Behring Breivik's application of admission to the school's political science program, the University of Oslo has now allowed the 34-year-old mass murderer to study certain ...

Oslo University Rejects Norway Mass Killer’s Application to its Political Science Program

Aug 07, 2013 AM EDT The University of Oslo has rejected 34-year-old mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik's application of admission to the school's political science program.

American Colleges Suspend Abroad Study Programs in Egypt Due To Political and Civil Unrest

Jul 16, 2013 AM EDT The rising political tensions in Egypt has not only caused civil unrest, financial instabilities, tourism setbacks, but also has resulted in suspending various international academic ...

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