From Surfing To Marketing: Social Media As Subjects In Universities? [VIDEO]


Social Media Platform Management had long been developed as major subject in particular universities in the U.S.. The said subject can be located in the academic lists among schools like University of Southern California, University of Florida, Rugters (State university of New Jersey), and other competitive university brands!

In the University of California, for instance, there is an approximate counterpart of such subject officially known as the Social Media M.B.A.

In such case, the program structures of the subject elucidates to a degree.

As a matter of fact, such subject demands very serious outputs among learners like a degree does, US News reported.

In the case of Business school courses, social media is right to serve as a perennial springboard for learning in terms of strategy development, governance and social engagement, US News reported.

All these features are seen to intersect in between Business and Social Media principles.

With these realities at hand, it is almost futile to reject the academic epiphany that social media had long, and should have been, the platform used by universities for testing learners' leadership, as well as creative strengths, USA Today reported.

In similar news, UCLA's Brain Mapping Center unlocks the teen's mental behavior with respect to either winning or losing likes over a post, CNN reported.

Interestingly, researchers were astounded with what algorithm had to reveal.

The study concludes that the level of excitement that heats up in the brain whenever an individual receives more "likes" on a post is almost exactly the same level of excitement taking place whenever the same individual wins the lottery, CNN again reported.

There is much to make out from such claim, but obviously, it would not hurt a fly to juxtapose the "excitement" referred to in the study with the "self-worth" a person achieves when he/she succeeds in his/career.

The University of Southern California, University of Florida and Rutgers were the first few universities that ventured into the possibility of the Social Media Platform impacting and individual's career in the future.

Despite the growing demand for social media in the academe and the industry, it still never ceases to garner controversy and skepticism among the whole, the Chronicle of higher Education reported.

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