‘No Man’s Sky’ Game Creator Reveals 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy It On August 9 US Release Date [VIDEO]


"No Man Sky's has gone gold and this indicates that no delays may push it back anymore.  Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, has sat down in an interview to answer 10 of the most asked questions about the upcoming space exploration game.

Here is our recap:

How big is "No Man's Sky" universe?

"No Man's Sky" universe will contain 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18 quintillion) methodologically generated planets, IGN SE wrote. This is equivalent to roughly 500 billion years of playing time for single player to visit each planet within the "No Man's Sky" universe.


"No Man's Sky": Is it single-player or multiplayer game?

Ultimately, the answer is both. However, the chances of bumping into another player in this colossal universe is extremely thin. Even if 100 players landed on the same planet at the same time, they wouldn't instantly be able to find each other: it's important to remember that "No Man's Sky's planets are the size of real planets.

How will I now if I bump into another player in a planet?

Since the chance of bumping with another player in "No Man's Sky" universe is slim, you may not even notice it, PC Gamer wrote. Additionally, other player ships would not be tagged with their username or any other indicator that allows you to recognize if they are human pilots and not an AI. So most probably, you could pass through another player without knowing they are also human.

Can I play "No Man's Sky offline?

Definitely, yes. No Man's Sky will be playable offline. However, your discoveries upon playing would not be shared with others unless you connect to the game's server. You would not be able to view the discoveries of others until you connect as well. 

What will I do in a huge universe alone?

When alone in "No Man's Sky" universe, you must make money and some of these precious money are obtainable by exploring those 18 quintillion planets.

But in terms of exploration, you will need to have an upgraded suit to be able to survive in various types of liquid and toxic environments. You will also need an upgraded ship to acquire a bigger hyperdrive in travelling to more far-flung places. The core loop is you will need money to explore then earn it back by exploring.

Am I allowed to leave my mark on the planets I visits?

Yes you may. When you discover a planet or creature you may name it and add it the "No Man's Sky" galactic index. It will then bear your mark until the end and other players coming towards it will know that it was you who discovered it first.

Is there a presence of intelligent life in "No Man's Sky"?

Yes and you will encounter intelligent aliens in buildings and garrisons on the surface of some planets, also in orbits' space stations. Certainly, you would not be able to speak their language and you will be picking a response through some guesses. Remember that when you guessed wrong, they will be angry.

What kind of missions and quests will there be in "No Man's Sky"?

There would not be traditional quests or missions in "No Man's Sky". 

Will there be "No Man's Sky" DLC?

Sean Murray said that there were no plans for DLC. However, Hello Games would continue updating "No Man's Sky" after release its official release.

Will "No Man's Sky" have a story?

"No Man's Sky" will have no real story. If there is, it will is the one you bring in with you. However, there is world-building and lore, PC Gamer added.

"No Man's Sky" arrives in August 9, IGN UK wrote. And these answers from Sean Murray will surely prepare you by then.


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