Facebook Faces A Billion Dollar Lawsuit For Allegedly Supporting A Deadly Militant Attack

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A number of Israeli and American citizens is litigating Facebook for more than a billion US dollars for purportedly assisting deadly militant attacks of Palestinians towards their relatives.

Four Israeli-American dual citizens including one American national were the victims of the said attacks that happened in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the West Bank which occupied by terrorists in 2014 and 2016, Reuters reported.

The complaint filed in Southern District of New York District Court blames Facebook for facilitating Hama militants in their operation. The lawsuit asserted that the social media network has actively given resources and material support to the militant group that enabled them to communicate, gain members and engage into surprise attacks for their enemies to gain fear, Digitaltrends reported.

The Hama militant group has been very open to the fact that they indeed are the ones responsible for the attacks but the complainant's lawyers perceives the case as something which is carefully planned, connecting the Palestinian extremist group to other killings.

Facebook's response however, is rather unclear and indistinct statements with regards to the issue. According to them, what the social media network wants is to let any user feel safe while using their accounts. They neglected to release clearer responses for according to them, the issue is undergoing legal procedures.

However, this isn't the only time where Facebook has been directed with allegations with regards to terrorism. A French citizen whose daughter's life spared on Paris attacks filed case versus the social media network including Twitter and Google condemning each companies of supporting and facilitating with the Islamic States.

The French father named Reynaldo Gonzales claims that these social media networks have been actively supporting IS by letting the militant group use their sites as leeway to raise funds, gain members and flaunt the propaganda of the extremist group.

Up to date, Facebook has no further comments with regards to the lawsuit.

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