Worlds Most Expensive Video Games Listed By An Antique Collecting Website

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Curator of antique materials have made a list of the most expensive video games the world has ever produced, with some costing as much as £2,000 per copy.

The list is made up of 90 video games mostly created by two game-making giants, Nintendo and Sega.

On top of the list is Snowboard Kids 2 on the N64 which valued for more than £2,000 under auction.

Next on the collection is Darxide and Primal Range both under the Sega 32X titles, which prices £1,200 and £1,000 on estimate respectively.

Snes hit X Zone ends up at the forth position that costs at £850 a copy, followed by T Mek of Sega 32X titles that coins £800.

The list of these expensive videogames is prepared by and is based on the information gathered by the site from one of the most famous video-game collectors in the world.

An antique website has created the list based on the knowledge of one of the world's pre-eminent video game collectors.

The managing director of the project, Will Thomas said that the collected video games are very rare and the interest it stirs is overwhelming, provided the prize these games are bought today.He also added that the reason why people are still very eager to buy these games, played and enjoyed several years ago, is nostalgia and the feeling it provokes remembering those times in the past, Daily Star reported. ensures buyers that the video games collected are in good condition and could still be played by kids, even adults.

Here is the top ten of the list of the most expensive antique video games:

First on the list is Snowboard Kids, second is Darxide by Sega. Then we have the Primal Rage, also by Sega. Forth on the rank is X Zone by Super Nintendo, fifth is T Mek by Sega 32X. Sixth on the list is Viewpoint by Neo Geo AES. Then, the Stadium Games by Nintendo Nes. Cool World by Super Nintendo comes eighth, Fatal Fury Special edition is ninth and lastly, The Adventures of Batman and Robin is last by Super Mega CD,  reported.

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